My new favorite thing

Some of you may think it’s a little too early to introduce this wonderful invention, but my pediatrician and my chest said otherwise. After realizing that marathon feedings were only probably consuming nourishment for the first 30 minutes or less, I asked if she could have a pacifier and the doc said go for it! Hallelujah. It’s actually helped more during the day now that she is establishing some awake time. Don’t worry- when she really is hungry she lets us know.

Favorite thing number 2 is our space heater. I was having trouble putting her back to bed after eating at night and narrowed it down to being cold. So last night we had the space heater on in our room. It was great. She ate and fell asleep fairly quickly and when I put her down she slept for two hours straight without fussing. So that will be another welcome addition to our home. Question: how did you guys keep your babies warm in the winter?


9 thoughts on “My new favorite thing

  1. cherice says:

    My grandma just gave us this rice-filled gingerbread guy (like one of those rice socks but shaped like a toy). We put it in the microwave and put it next to him in bed. It doesn’t stay hot all night, but at least it helps him fall asleep because he’s near a warm “body.” Last winter when he was born he slept in bed with us for the first few months and that kept him warm…but some people aren’t up for that.

  2. janell says:

    we keep a space heater in jackson’s room…it has a thermostat, so we just set it to a certain temp and it keeps him nice and warm. we also swaddle him.
    and the pacifier…we tried to give one to jackson from day one, but it took him a few weeks to take to it. i think it’s a wonderful thing! there are lots of times he just wants to suck and before he took the paci, he was sucking on our fingers.

  3. Megan says:

    Amy – do you have one of those fleece blanket sleepers that is really like a bag sleeper? At the top it looks like a normal sleeper, but at the bottom it’s all enclosed, sort of like a dress. I always used it as a sort of zip-up fall-off proof blanket – baby was in a regular sleeper and then zipped in one of those bag sleepers. Then I usually tucked a blanket around too, but that usually came off sometime during the sleep process – bag sleepers never come off!

    I so loved those…

  4. Heidi says:

    We thought we had the swaddling mastered, but they always come out of that during the night! With the two of ours that were tiny during the winter, we just bundled them. Socks and a onesie under a warm sleeper, a hat and a fleece blanket to swaddle them….the space heater is a good one too! I like Cherice’s little gingerbread guy idea!
    She is SO CUTE!!

  5. Aj Schwanz says:

    Ah, Friend Pacifier: life is just not worth living without one. Abel tried the soothie, but both boys ended up being Avent junkies.

    I second the purchase of a fleece sleepsack: *great* things. I wish I had one in my size! 🙂 And if she’s having problems with flailing limbs, I *really* recommend the swaddle blankets by Kiddopotamus: Abel can’t survive (i.e. we can’t survive) without his. We have two – for wash days. 😀

    What a cutie patootie: hope y’all are doing well.

  6. Leslie says:

    The blanket swaddling didn’t stay all in place for Henry until we got a thermal “swaddler”. It’s warm and he’s 4 1/2 months old and still uses it for every nap/bedtime.

    She’s so cute. I can’t wait to meet her.

  7. StacyK says:

    Congrats on your lovely new addition. She is just beautiful! I wish I could see her in person and hold her. My kids were both sweaty monkeys but when it was really cold the space heater was great. Footie pj’s are good if your little one doesn’t have a fear of losing her toes like my Libby (that may come later), or the problem that Ivan has with the sleeper pj’s is that he can’t get to his belly button…and if he can’t touch his belly button then he can’t get to sleep…We all agree that sleep is a good thing!
    I hope you are increasing in the amount of sleep that you are able to get!

  8. Prue says:

    Hi, came across your blog randomly. This post is a bit old, so you may never read this, but anyhow…. my 6month old daughter was born in winter (I’m in Australia) and I put a hot water bottle in her bed while I was feeding her to keep it warm until she went back in. And we had an oil heater on low in her room too.

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