I’m awake… barely

Who knew that a baby can be so sweet and calm all day and cranky all night long. Literally. I think last night she could’ve eaten from 10 pm to 5 am if I had let her. Tim ended up watching TV for over an hour at 3 in the morning to get her asleep only for her to wake up a half hour later to eat again! We’re hoping she learns her day and nighttimes soon!
We had a great time with my family over the weekend. We haven’t seen each other since this summer when I was home. It was a bit different since we had to revolve our schedule around Isabelle’s schedule- we spent more time at home than we usually do.
Not much more to write about- I’m not having deep epiphanies in the middle of the night yet- but I am getting good at falling asleep sitting straight up and holding a baby.

On the list for today: decorating for Christmas!


3 thoughts on “I’m awake… barely

  1. martha says:

    at this stage, i didn’t even try to sit up. i learned how to lie down and feed the baby. she (they were all girls) just ate until they were full and i would fall asleep. i never had to worry about dropping them:) when i woke up, i would put them back in the bassinette by the bed. those first weeks at home…especially for baby #1 were the hardest. after #1, even tho’ they all had their own idiosyncrasies, was the hardest. i think it was just the confidence factor. you can always wake her in the daytime for feedings and keep her awake by not being so cuddly and wrapping her quite so cozily in the blanket when she is eating. (those are some things we used to have to do in the nursery to keep them awake if they wouldn’t stay awake to eat. once they eat and burp, then you can wrap them up all nice and cozy like a papoose…in fact, they often like that…so does their nervous system.
    i know you are enjoying her even tho’ you are tired. m

  2. Aj Schwanz says:

    I knew. I’m sorry. I remember watching Iron Chef at 1am with Judah. It might be time to join Netflix unless you’ve got awesome late night tv – it’s fairly bleak.

    Also: podcasts. I’m telling ya: saved my life. I can send you funny/good/crafty/mama ones if you’re ever interested (can listen on your computer – don’t have to have an mp3 player, although it’s nice).

    I’ll be thinking of you, friend, cause, well, I’m still up at those hours. Joy. 🙂

  3. janell says:

    the joys of mommyhood 🙂 it’s 5am…i’ve been up with jackson since 3:30. he’s asleep, but wants to be held-if i put him down he wakes up within a few minutes. today i’m dealing with it really well, other days it’s harder. yes, i do miss getting to sleep more than a few hours at a time, but i’m amazed at how my body is adjusting. i’ll be thinking about you…especially when i’m up at the wee hours, sometimes it’s nice to remember we’re not alone 🙂

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