almost done with my checklist!

Remember this post? Back in August I asked what I should do with our extra mocha powder containers. I don’t know if I ever followed up with what I decided to do with them! After reading the comments I incorporated a couple of ideas and decided to use them as containers for nurse gifts when we go to the hospital.
I was thinking that it would be a little closer to Christmas… so I got Christmas scrapbooking paper and mod podged the paper to the outsides. The labels were too sticky to take off and use as plain black containers, but I liked the way these turned out.

I filled each one with a bag of candy and a lotion or body wash:

Once I got all the outsides completed, I wrapped a ribbon around it with a candy cane (Monica’s idea) and added a little note on a Christmas tree I drew:
Here are all six containers that I made. Our friend is a Mom/Baby nurse at the hospital and she thinks I’ll have around 5 or 6 nurses, so hopefully I have enough. The nurses were really nice to us last time and they even sent us a sympathy card- so this is just a nice way to say that we appreciate them. I hope they like it!


5 thoughts on “almost done with my checklist!

  1. Audra says:

    You need to start your own creativity business along wtih being an organizing mama!! I can’t wait to meet her! Do you have an official name yet? I am still pulling for Felicity šŸ™‚
    Love you,

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Those turned out really cute! I love the papers you chose! I know the nurses will love them and feel appreciated!

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