Taking advantage of my need to clean

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One thing that has always bothered me are my utensil drawers- I have three, and they are all completely cluttered (and have always been).
Since I have been reading Org Junkie’s blog I’ve realized the need to have small baskets available for my organizing urges. I have wanted to organize my kitchen drawers for a while but don’t make it to dollar stores very much to pick up things like that.
Yesterday while I was at Walgreen’s I found little baskets that looked perfect and were like .25 apiece. I picked them up and here’s how my drawers have been transformed.

Before pic of my top drawer:
In here I have eating utensils, measuring spoons (recently moved from a container on the counter), straws, bag clips, and knives that have covers. My biggest needs here were managing the straws (they are hard plastic straws) and containing the measuring spoons. After pic of the top drawer:
Next comes the middle drawer. Here is where I store any kind of kitchen tool that is not in the spoon container next to the stove. I use this drawer a lot and have the hardest time with the measuring cups, they jam up the drawer the most. Here is the before pic:
I focused on putting my most used utensils in this drawer, my favorite is the basket just for measuring cups. Here is the after pic:

Finally my third drawer. Here is the before picture:This is where I store my small cutting boards and various spatulas, etc. I ended up moving items down from the second drawer that were too big for the baskets. This drawer now has tools that I use less than the second drawer but I still use. Reject items that I use a couple times of the year but still need got moved to my “extra things” drawer. Here is the after pic:

Aren’t those pictures fun! You know something is wrong when you are overjoyed about organizing drawers! But hey, my mom is going to be cooking for a couple of weeks so I don’t want to drive her crazy either.

Go baskets! I now completely understand the need for a stash of containers.

(And in case you really paid attention to the items in the drawers, I had a Pampered Chef bridal shower when I got married and sold it for a year so that’s the reason for my drawers looking like a Pampered Chef catalog. I’m not obsessed or anything. Oh, and the reason for calling things “tools” not “gadgets”.)


2 thoughts on “Taking advantage of my need to clean

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know what they say….pregnant women at full term who have a burst of energy to clean her house is about to deliver. 🙂 I may win the contest!

    Aunt Devonne

  2. Aj Schwanz says:

    So I’m not pregnant, but oh, seeing your nesting is even therapeutic for me! I *love* baskets! And organizing kitchens! Ah, bliss.

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