Planning ahead??

Last night I was cruising around the interweb and decided to look at websites of a couple of elementary schools in town. Did I just say elementary schools? My baby’s not even born yet! But there is a conspiracy in this town.
One of our charter schools is very popular and has a GIANT waiting list. I think the website said something about 6000 kids are on the waiting list. Getting in at kindergarten is the key to staying in the system, so what do people do? They sign up when their kids are born! We think we are going to put our kids through our local school- but just in case we change our minds by kindergarten (heaven forbid!) I think I may add our baby to the list (we’re in the priority district so we have an advantage).
As I was looking at age requirements I realized that she’ll be turning 6 a couple of months into school, so guess when she starts- 2013! That seems so far away and impossible to think about, but before I know it, it’ll happen. Crazy!


2 thoughts on “Planning ahead??

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    We’ve started thinking school too – oh, it stresses me out everytime! Public schools here are not good at all. And, can we afford private? Sure, for one – but how about THREE?! Sigh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’ll think that starting kindergarten comes quickly, but wait until they get there…the years go even faster!

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