funny presents

I got a package from bro and sis today that made me laugh pretty hard. First I got our very own copy of Amelia Bedelia. I just have to say that Amelia was one of my favorite kids books and my brothers and I had a lot of fun reading these books (and trying to figure out how Amelia would do something!). I have been looking at bookstores a lot lately because books are the main thing missing from the nursery and have been thinking about starting an Amelia collection- perfect timing!

Second was the best onesie someone could buy our family:

Yes this is the perfect shirt. Because it’s true in the most loving way. By purchasing this shirt my brother is not making fun of my husband. No, Michael and Melissa are acknowledging Tim’s true character and allowing our daughter to embrace that fact. Hey, she’ll be the only girl in 3rd grade that can build her own computer.

Thanks guys! I have a feeling that this one will get a lot of use.


4 thoughts on “funny presents

  1. Timmay! says:

    Hmm, I will have to see if I can find a shirt that says “My dad is a hippie.”

    It might make a good gift in the future…

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