Preparing countdown

Today I’m going to work on a whole month’s worth of menus. Yep you heard, um read, me right. A whole month. I really want to make sure that the next two weeks I’m building up our pantry so we aren’t running out of food once my family gets here. So the first step in building up the pantry is actually knowing what’s in there.

This morning I took an entire inventory of our food (don’t worry, it didn’t take long!). I want to make sure that our menus are taking into account food we have right now, so I don’t keep throwing away things I find with 2 year old expiration dates!

Next, my cookbook cupboard is driving me nuts and I have loose recipes falling out of it, so I’m going to pull out all my cookbooks as I create my menu. This will force me to organize it all when I have to put them away. I also put a little pad of sticky flags in the cupboard so I can mark the pages where I find recipes I want to try or have used. This way when I make it again I know where to find it.

I may also try to start freezing some meals, I found one idea on the pasta shell box I have. Any favorite meals-to-freeze out there?? Let me know!

I’m done at Starbucks on Friday, perfect timing for finishing up things around here!


4 thoughts on “Preparing countdown

  1. Ariana says:

    Devonne’s chicken enchilada recipe in the Ankeny cookbook freezes well. Also, search for “Baked Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cheese.” It’s really good and would probably freeze well.

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