Going organic

I’ve been shopping at Whole Foods for a couple months now, and just ran across this interesting article: (click here)

I haven’t really researched a ton of things as far as organic goes, but things like this are a start. Especially since I’ll be not working anymore and will have to continue to be budget conscience, almost even more now.

What about you guys- are there any non-negotiables for you in the food arena?


One thought on “Going organic

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    Hey Amy –

    I’d love to do more organic shopping, but like you mentioned – budget is a concern. My one non-negotiable item is organic milk. With two little girls, I just feel this is important. I have been buying all natural chicken as well and it just tastes so good. I also watch for organic items to go on sale and swap those in when I can. And, when watching my budget – I try to add one or two things in anyway and still stay within my budget.


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