Yeah for Colorado!

It’s that time of year where my mom always get jealous that I live here (one of the few times I may add). Yep, it snowed!

It came down pretty deep but didn’t stick on the roads. It’s nice when it doesn’t really stick the first few times because people are crazy driving in the first snows.

I have to work today which is always interesting because we can never gauge traffic flow with weather changes. It could either be really busy since everyone will want something warm to drink or they could all stay home to not drive today. I guess I’ll see!


One thought on “Yeah for Colorado!

  1. Debby says:

    Holy cow! Are you sure your counter is right? I can’t beleive it is getting so close. Glad to hear that things are going so well with you Ultrasounds.
    My mom has been keeping me up on the Rockies too. I can’t beleive we are not even there and are missing the whole thing! My uncle got them tickets so they are going to the world Series.
    Miss you guys

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