A Lesson in Fine Print

After reading Monica’s post and seeing some online ads I decided today to hatch my evil genius plan. Since Coinstar is running a promo for their e-certificates, I knew it would be a good time to change in all our coins to use for Christmas presents on Amazon. We give to the same family every year from our church’s missionary giving tree and the kids always ask for Amazon gift certificates so this is a perfect way to get them.

I pulled out our change jar (ok, really it’s Tim’s) which has been collecting for over 5 years now. And I proceeded to sort. Tim thought it was strange that I spent all afternoon counting our coins, but I wanted to see what would get out of this. I read online that $30 gets a $10 bonus certificate. When I was done with the jar we had $83!!!!! Crazy, so I went to the cars to find 7 more dollars to bring the total to $90 and get $30 in extra certificates. I found the change we needed and we left to get our coupons!

Here’s where both reading fine print (or instructions) and counting coins correctly comes in handy. We fed all the coins and a watched the counter ticking away. And this was our total: $89.77. I was 25 cents off! One quarter, 25 pennies! Between the two of us we had no more change and we’d only be getting $20 now. The coupon printed and I looked at the receipt- it said we had earned ONE $10 coupon! After all that work the instructions are for every single transaction over $30. Argh!

If I had paid attention I could’ve separated the change and done 3 different transactions! I didn’t know what was worse- not having that last 25 cents or losing out on the other $10 (since I wouldn’t have gotten the last $10 without the quarter).

Either way, we didn’t lose any of our own money and we did make $10 in the process so it wasn’t all for loss. If you need some extra Amazon money you have until Nov 4th (if I read it right)!


One thought on “A Lesson in Fine Print

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    Amy! I’m sorry you did not get the bonus three times!

    I counted mine several times also and was also off a bit at the end because it rejected some of my coins – but since I was over – it was ok.

    It is frustrating when things like that happen – but as you said, you didn’t lose anything in the process 🙂

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