Me and my smooshed face

I got to have a growth ultrasound today since my belly was busting out. Everything looks great- she’s around 5 lbs 7 oz (two oz away from Lucy’s full term birth weight) and that put her in the 44th percentile. Lucy was 15th percentile at 36 weeks (a week from now) so that’s a very good sign for this baby. She stayed steady from the last ultrasound we measured the growth in August. The doc and the tech said everything looks great.

I went to my pre-admit appointment at the hospital today and she asked me how many ultrasounds I’ve had. I actually had to count them on my calendar because I’ve had more than I’ve kept track of. I figured out I’ve had nine ultrasounds (3 full ones and 6 “small” ones). I even have 4 more to go! I’m too spoiled with ultrasounds now- I won’t get very many with the next baby if all goes well so I’m not going to know what to do!

I got to see Jill today for the ultrasound and she has the good machine (she said it’s the newest GE model available). So here is latest 4-D picture of baby #2:

She’s a little squished in my belly which makes her squished in the picture. Tim and I think her fat lips are funny. She may be puckering them a little in this picture to make them look plumper. I found out the dark where her hair should be is just the parts of the face the ultrasound can’t pick up. She did mention a layer of hair on the baby, we just can’t see it yet.

Four appointments left and then my parents get here and everything will become a blur. I also have 2 weeks left at work- a little weird but it’s getting harder so it’s perfect timing.


4 thoughts on “Me and my smooshed face

  1. Aubrey says:

    She’s beautiful!! I’m so excited for you. As a doctor, I don’t think I’ll EVER get tired of doing ultrasounds on pregnant ladies. It is seriously my favorite thing. How wonderful to get to have so many. I bet when I’m pregnant I’ll try to give myself some, just so I can see the baby.

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