48 days! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!

So the good thing about having a ticker is that I don’t have to really keep track of how days I have left or how far along I am. The bad thing, I’m freaking out!

My nursery’s done and ready to go (it’s been ready for 15 months- I can see that as a blessing) but my nesting has kicked in way to early! Everything in this house is dirtier to me than I have ever felt. And I’m trying to pace myself so I won’t have to clean the house from top to bottom five times before the baby comes. And trust me, if my belly wasn’t in the way I probably would.

We also decided to have my parents, brothers and their wives come out for Thanksgiving. Did I mention that’s the day I’m due? Did I mention I go into freak out mode just to be a good hostess? These two things aren’t being nice to me right now. Fortunately my parents will be here for 5 days before the bros show up so my mom will have thoroughly taken over.

So, um, I think the next month you’ll mostly be reading freak-out posts. Care to join in?


2 thoughts on “48 days! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  1. Aj Schwanz says:

    Oh, friend: that’s *so* normal! I was moving heavy furniture, cleaning everything repeatedly while muttering “it’s so nasty in here”, and planning on having people come visit or planning to go visit people for twelve straight weeks post-baby. And, sorry to let you know, it doesn’t necessarily fade when the baby comes: you just can’t do anything to take care of the cleaning, etc. Ah, the neurosis of the female mind: so much fun! 😀

  2. Tara says:

    Oh, I feel for you! I’m already feeling like that and I’m only 13 weeks. You mean that this craziness continues?! Right now everything seems nasty and stinky (I tell ya, our dog cannot have enough baths right now.) I’ve never been this way before. At this rate, I will have the cleanest house on the planet by the time our baby comes! Best of luck getting ready for the baby and Thanksgiving with your family! I’m with you, the thought of being a hostess always sends me into freak out mode too.

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