Don’t wake the baby

So apparently Chalula/Rhonda (still don’t have a name…) doesn’t like to be woken up. This morning I went to my regular appointment and made the mistake of being late and not grabbing something to eat or drink before I went. This meant that she was still asleep when I got to the ultrasound.
She’s been awake at pretty much every ultrasound I’ve gotten so I never realized that they actually track movement as well- so the tech started to try and wake her up. First she pushed the wand up and down on my right side where her bottom is. She kept on sleeping. Then the tech moved to the other side of my belly and did the same thing to her feet. That helped a little- she woke up as long as her feet were being bothered and then went right back to sleep when the wand moved.
Since there hadn’t been enough movement she had me try and lay on my left side. Easier said than done. You try moving a giant belly covered in gel while on an exam table, doesn’t work very well. No luck- but I knew it wouldn’t work as well since she usually responds more on my right side. After a little bit we tried on my right side and when that didn’t work the tech pushed her bottom one last time. I guess the baby figured out that we weren’t going anywhere and she’d be bothered until she did some aerobics in my belly that she started to cooperate.
Then the tech laughed and said the baby was showing off for us by immediately practicing her breathing and moved enough for the tech to finish the ultrasound. Last 6 weeks, 5 minute appointments. Today, 25 minutes.

But wait, there were more appointments today. The last two weeks she has taken longer to respond during her NST’s. So I was hoping things would go more quickly today. I had a lunch break between the ultrasound and NST so I made sure I got a great lunch and drank a ton. Thank goodness it worked. I guess she had a slow start but my doctor said she went crazy for the last half. No checking on Amy 20 times before removing the monitors today!

Lastly I went to see my doctor. I was curious about my measurement from last week- I saw a different doctor and he measured me at 35 centimeters, I should’ve measured 32. I asked if they measure differently and he said he was wondering about the same thing. If the measurement was right I grew 3 centimeters in a week. Today I’m 36 centimeters so I finally get a growth ultrasound now. He said my fluid levels are right where they should be so it’s possible that I either have a longer or fatter baby.

Overall the doc said everything looks fine and everything is growing great.

Comparison note: With Lucy at this time we were in Denver getting tests done to rule out Down’s. It’s nice not worrying about that now.

5 thoughts on “Don’t wake the baby

  1. Carrie says:

    Well I’m glad that baby finally decided to cooperate! You might have a stubborn one in there! LOL
    Glad everything went well at your appointments.
    God bless 🙂

  2. Timmay! says:

    49 days left!?

    Thats like, seven times seven!

    Seven squared!

    We have a week squared left.

    Gotta get crackin’ on a name.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think she might join the ranks of being another “strong Ankeny women”! Glad everything is going great. Can’t wait to meet her!

    Aunt Devonne

  4. Hannah says:

    How exciting, Amy. You guys have been in my prayers. I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about your baby girl!

  5. Mands says:

    Wow! Long time! How are you? I can’t believe you live in Colorado! I didn’t think I knew anyone in Colorado and come to find out you live here! I was reading your blogs and came across postings of Starbucks! I worked for Starbucks for 2 – 3 years and I laughed really hard when I read all your customers as drinks! My friend Molly always said she was going to write a book and have me as a character who only calls people by their drink. At my store I had a huge crush on Iced Venti Coffee Guy with half the sweetener! It was good hearing from you….let me know if your ever in the Telluride area!

    ~Mandy Schlarbaum

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