Being spontaneous means having a back up plan

Last night Tim and I decided to try and see if the whole concert thing would work out. The concert started at 9 pm so we took it easy and went up to Denver when we felt like it. We don’t usually get to play our evenings by ear like that. If we have plans in Denver we seem to run into something that makes us cutting our time close and always seem rushed.

Just in case we didn’t actually get “on the list” or “on the list” really meant we’d still have to pay for the tickets I figured out where a Regal cinemas was. We got free movie tickets for our anniversary and we can only use them in Denver since there are no regal cinemas in the Springs.

We left around 6 and headed up to my favorite mall- Park Meadows. We got dinner and then walked around a bit. They put a Mac Store in the mall so we got to see the new iPod nano. They are cool and tiny! Plus we played with the non-phone iPhone (is it called the iTouch?).

Found the club and started to go in. And guess what!! They forgot to put us on the list- or never intended to in the first place, but I like to believe the best and say they forgot. Fortunately, while slightly disappointed, I had prepared myself that it was highly likely to not work out and was glad that we had a just-in-case plan. So we ended up going to see “3:10 to Yuma” and loved it. I love Christian Bale and he did great in the movie. Plus we didn’t have to spend the $19 it would’ve cost us! I can’t believe movies cost that much now! I’d rather wait until it’s on DVD and pay $4.29, thank you very much.

As we were driving home we realized that we don’t do spontaneous things very much and it’s a lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “Being spontaneous means having a back up plan

  1. chjensen2 says:

    Nice work being spontaneous! Do it while you can, because kids just aren’t as spontaneous as we are…they can do it, but sometimes it’s not as fun as you think it’s going to be. 🙂

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