It pays to direct people to your store

This morning I was at work and got a phone call asking which Starbucks was closest to the freeway. The guy was on his way to Denver and was near downtown Colorado Springs. There are two stores right by where they were driving, but it’s one big construction mess there right now and I’m sure I would gotten them lost. So I told him where our store was since it’s easy to get to and was on their way.
Since some people have a hard time finding our store I was wondering if they were going to find it ok. About 15 min later a van pulling a trailer and a second van pulled into the parking lot and a whole group of people got out. I figured it was the guy on the phone so I asked them if they had called for directions. The girl in the group said “Are you Amy?!?” and I told her I was and was glad that they found the store ok. I starting chatting with them, asking why they were driving through and what they were going to do in Denver. Turns out, they are a band called Over the Rhine and are playing in a sold out show in a club tomorrow night. The lady (who is the lead singer) went ahead a offered to put me “on the list” of the show if I wanted to come up! So guess what! Tim and I are getting to go to a show tomorrow night. And, I listened to some of their music and I think I’m going to become a fan. They have a artsy Americana sound and I like that she plays the piano when she sings.
So check them out and hopefully we really do make it on the list! If not, we have movie tickets we need to us and they’re only good in Denver so that’s our back-up for making the trip up there. I’ll post on Sunday how the concert went!


2 thoughts on “It pays to direct people to your store

  1. Natalie says:

    Hey Amy! I like Over the Rhine. Sarah Hohnstein introduced me to their music a few years back. Definitely go to the show! I’ve heard they’re a really fun live band.

    I’m glad to read things are going well with baby and you and know that you’re in my prayers a lot. For me, the trust thing got easier once I had her and could see her. I’m still a work in progress of course, but God’s grace abounds!
    Your words in the post about your brother’s loss were really wise and well stated.

    Do we get to see a picture of this belly you speak of?

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