Menu Plan Monday Sept 24

Last week I only had two days planned because we still had leftovers from the week before. That’s what good about not having three teenagers in your home. My mom would cook 9 x 13 casseroles and be lucky to get enough leftovers for my dad’s lunch the next day. I could have a casserole that size around here for a couple of weeks!
After watching The Biggest Loser last week I decided to try and incorporate turkey meat into our menus more often- higher protein without all the fat. So for our first meal I just put ground turkey meat into our spaghetti sauce. It was great!

Also last week I made these Pork Chops. I can’t remember which blog I got the link from! But, these are my new favorite meal. So yummy. I’ll definitely try more pork recipes as well.

When I started menu planning I also started shopping at Whole Foods. Mostly I was inspired by Megan (which often happens!). My only problem was I starting shopping there at the same time I was actively planning menus. Our grocery bills jumped up since I was actually buying food instead of running to the store and guessing on things we may eat. I took a week and went to King Soopers (or Krogers or Fred Meyer depending on where you live…) to see if the store or my menu was affecting my price. I didn’t save enough to make me want to spend the extra time looking through the ingredients before food hit my cart, so I’m back to Whole Foods. Just thought you’d all want to know. 🙂

Anyway, here is my menu this week:

Monday- Turkey Burgers and Fries (Followed by the season premiere of Heroes!)

Tuesday- Chicken Turnovers (I put this on my first menu and still haven’t made them, Tim is starting to make fun of me since I try every week)

Wednesday- Slow- Cooker Spaghetti.

Thursday- Baked Potatoes and Chili

Friday- Out with Tim’s co-workers


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday Sept 24

  1. Carrie says:

    Your menu sounds yummy.

    And thanks for your opinion in the “ding dong vs ho ho” controversy. My husband is very glad to know that someone thinks he’s right LOL!!!

    God bless 🙂

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