The great day ahead of me

It’s 9:00 AM. I’m out of bed, made eggs for breakfast and got my dinner going in the crockpot. Did I mention it’s 9:00 AM?? Not a big deal to most of you, I’m sure. But on my days off I usually sleep all morning after going to bed late- I obviously don’t have any kids running around the house!
Now that I have dinner going, what should I do the rest of the day??? After I get back from Bible study I think I’ll clean up a little around the house and then tackle some crafts!

I’ve got three projects going- well two going and one I really want to start. Remember the mocha jars? I decided to take Karen’s and Monica’s ideas and combine them. I’m going to mod podge Christmas scrapbook paper on to them and put hot chocolate in them for thank you presents for the nurses at the hospital when we have our baby. Since it’ll be around Thanksgiving it’s perfect timing! Our good friend is a mom/baby nurse at my hospital so I’m going to see how many nurses I should make gifts for. I’ve got one going as a prototype and it’s looking pretty good!

My second project is finishing a wall hanging that is a baby shower gift from May- yes, from May! I showed them what I had done when I gave them the gift and I have one letter left in his name to finish. So I *should* be able to get it done in the next two days.

The last project that I really want to start are the soft blocks I’m making for the baby. They’ll have each letter of her name on it- so I’ll only be able to cut everything and get the other sides going. This will probably be her Christmas present from us. Fortunately our top two names have the same amount of letters so I can have most of it put together. I’m planning to use these on a shelf as a decoration until she can play with them.

This is setting me up for a fairly productive day! I’ll need to make sure that I get up early all the time so I can have “fun time” as well during my day!


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