Do you have anything for $2.00?

I forgot to tell this story yesterday:

Three kids walked in, probably late elementary age. One of the girls asked me if there was anything on the menu for $2.00. I thought they had two dollars each- but the only thing they could get was the iced tea. So they moved to the pastry case and the bottled drink case- that’s when I realized they were splitting $2.00 between the three of them.
I wasn’t sure what they were going to get and they kept checking the price with me. And guess what, they made the most creative decision and really got the best deal they could! They bought a bottled frappucino and I gave them three cups with ice in them so they split the drink. The cutest part was the handful of change the boy paid with. They only had 3 cents more than the price and I just remembered summers with my brothers and how we would’ve done the exact same thing- except we would buy candy, from the 9th street market (remember that store!).
Once they bought the drink they sat down at a table together and enjoyed their drinks! A perfect Saturday afternoon. 🙂


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