Updates on baby

I haven’t updated about our baby girl in a while so while she’s kicking me as I type I thought I’d throw a few things out here.

– I mentioned she’s kicking. I definitely have a way more active baby this pregnancy. I think that the movement is closer to a “normal” amount of moving that I should have felt last time. I have begun to figure out her movement patterns and it’s been nice to be able to feel them. There’s less to worry about when your baby actually moves.

– I’m officially in my 3rd Trimester! But it’s depressing that I still have 2 and 1/2 months to go. We could have a baby tomorrow and be ready (but I’m not wishing on that since she’d be in the NICU for a while if she was born tomorrow…). I have made a list of things I need/want to get done by the due date so I can slowly work on that now.

– We found out last month that our baby will be getting a cousin in the spring! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting in April and Chalula/Rhonda is pretty excited (she’s kicking hard right now in agreement). She wanted a cousin close to her own age so I’d say that 6 months is pretty close! I have three cousins that were born within the year I was, so it’s fun to know that they can be good friends. I also just realized that they’ll even be in the same grade. My brother just moved to Philadelphia for grad school so they’ll be coming back with a new addition. They are coming out for Thanksgiving to meet the baby so my mom is going to have a fun time getting to shop for two grandkids.

– I start my 2 hour appointments at the doctor tomorrow. I start with a mini-ultrasound where they check the fluids and I think they may measure her again. Then I move to the non-stress test where I sit in a recliner for 45 minutes while they measure her heart rate to my contractions (which I have been feeling-thanks to my job!). After those two things I meet with my doctor for my normal appointment. I do this every week for the next 12 weeks!!!!!!! I have two books checked out and I’ll keep the rotation on books going. The good news about tomorrow’s appointment is that they won’t have to do the full gestational diabetes test since I didn’t have it last time. I think I just have to do the blood test- but I’d much rather drink the juice than get poked with a needle.


2 thoughts on “Updates on baby

  1. thehomespunheart says:

    I’m incredibly jealous that you get to sit in a RECLINER for your NST! I have to lay on the exam table and always think that contributes to my contractions!

    Great update – will continue to pray for a healthy baby! 🙂

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