Thank you utilities man

Whenever I open at the store (which I did this morning) I tend to wake up every couple of hours. It’s like my body knows I need to wake up, but the internal clock doesn’t work quite right. It doesn’t bother me and I think I actually get up easier because I’m not coming out of a very deep sleep.

Last night I was turning over in bed- which is a task in itself since I have to flip the pillow, pull my belly over and re-situate everything- and I realized that the ceiling fan was off. Thinking Tim turned it off I started to fall asleep and then noticed the clock wasn’t on either! I panicked for a minute and then was VERY thankful that I use my cell phone for an alarm. I got up, checked my phone and tried to go the bathroom. I was glad there was a full moon last night because I opened the blinds just to see where I was going. (Note to self: get a flashlight in our bedroom)

I tried to go back to sleep and spent the rest of the night hearing the utility trucks driving around the neighborhood and semi-planning how I was going to get ready for work in the dark. Thanks to the utility man he came through and got the electricity back on within minutes of my alarm. Hallelujah! Got dressed, ate breakfast and then started to leave and that’s when I knew how thankful I really was for the utility man. As I pressed the garage door button I realized that I wouldn’t have been able to get the garage open with the electricity out! Yikes! And to make it worse my coworker’s phone doesn’t work so I wouldn’t even have been able to get a hold of her at 4 AM for a ride!!!

So, thanks to you, Utility Man, I adverted a crisis at work at an hour that no one should be up anyway!


One thought on “Thank you utilities man

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amers – You do know you (or rather Tim) can get the garage door open without electricity? That is what the cord is that hangs down from the cable from the motor. It disengages and the door can be lifted manually. Again not that you would be doing this!!!

    Just in case…


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