A meme I wasn’t tagged for…

I saw this meme on Karen’s Blog and thought it would be fun to participate. She listed 8 jobs she has held (I think the original meme was 8 things about yourself- I was curious to see if I have had 8 jobs…).

So here are the 8 jobs I’ve had (of the 9-10 total so far in my life):

1. “Amy’s Honor Box Vending”. You read that right, my first job was a home business my parents helped me operate. I was 14 or 15. Every week I had to inventory the candy, count the money, and deliver full boxes to businesses around town. I learned to drive with this job because I got my permit while we stilled owned it. I think we ate more candy than we made money.

2. Waitress at Friendsview Manor. My grandparents lived here and it was a great high school job. I worked the dinner hour so I had to be at work from 5-7 pm. I was still able to be in sports and get my homework done. I worked here from Junior year in high school until Sophomore year in college. I was a hostess when I left which just meant that I served coffee (ironic since that’s what I do now!). It was pretty fun to interact with retired couples and meet some neat people.

3. Then began my “Work Study Years”. My freshman year I worked in the Faculty mailroom at George Fox. I sorted A LOT of mail and we sent out A LOT of mail. I did this for two years and one whole summer. My first semester sophomore year I talked too much to two other coworkers (we were all to blame- talking was fun!), my boss thought we weren’t getting any work done and she split us up second semester. None of us came back the next year.

4. George Fox Print Room- Junior Year. I left the mailroom to work in the print room. This made the mail staff made because I worked across the hall and they thought the print lady “stole” me. (Job politics are crazy!). I spent my days making copies and putting packets together for teachers. For “fun” we made scratch pads out of messed up print jobs. My favorite part of the job was the deliveries, we all wanted to do those.

5. YMCA desk clerk. I worked here while I was working at the print room. I’d usually work the evening shifts, all I did was scan member cards. I don’t know how I functioned that year because on top of two jobs and school I was coordinating a student leadership conference and a summer missions trip for high schoolers. Only in college!

6. IT Help Desk clerk- Senior year. I answered phones for the college IT department mostly taking messages for computer needs. I got this job because the lady running the Help Desk was a good friend of my mom’s. The only things I remember about that job is that once I was late because I got a ticket on my way to school. And another time I spent the shift laying on the floor because I had a stomach ache and my freshman year roommate would do that to feel better. Later that day I was having an appendectomy.

7. Eagle Lake Office Manager. After a short stint as waitress I got a job at Glen Eyrie in the guest services department. This is where I relived my junior year when I got transferred to Eagle Lake and everyone thought I was “stolen” by them. It blew over pretty quickly. I did this job for three years. I loved that I had a real job just out of college and I was doing one of the things I went to school for. It was a good job. I then moved to being an assistant for one of the Glen Eyrie/Eagle Lake directors and did that until last summer. I did a lot of different things as his assistant and it kept me on my toes. I needed that.

8. Starbucks Barista. That leads me to now, which most of you are aware of. Job 7 was really three jobs- but I worked for the same company the entire time so it counts. This brings me full circle from my first job and I’m back to making coffee.

How about you? If you don’t want to list 8 jobs, which one was your favorite?


3 thoughts on “A meme I wasn’t tagged for…

  1. Luke says:

    I have had 22 jobs … I had to make list a while back for a job I was applying for … that’s how I know. My only criteria was that I had to have worked there for at least two weeks … so I can think of at least one other job I could count if I changed my criteria.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for playing along! I hate to tag people, but it’s always so much fun to read the answers…thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

    PS…those jobs only covered the first 10 years of my working life! lol

  3. Just me says:

    Hey… I stopped over here from Amy Dunsmore’s blog. Heart Matters. Just thought I’d say hi.
    *shakes hands*

    I see you went to George Fox. I knew a gal who went there. Her name was Becky Bunfill. Ever meet her? We worked together while she did at stint at Greenville College. Good times!

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