One year and normal

Some may be wondering why I didn’t post on Lucy’s birthday. Part of me didn’t really feel like posting at all. Not because it would be too sad or anything, but because I think that I’m at a point where I’m used to life and things are “normal” again.
I think most of me was just trying to get past the week like the date was cursed or something. Being pregnant again allowed me to focus on something else- I’ve been in nursery mode a ton. But there’s nothing we could really do to change anything so it just didn’t feel all that weird. I do think it’s true that if you anticipate certain feelings on milestones often they don’t occur that way. Then I get hit by a ton of bricks at the least expected time.
Last weekend was a little bit strange just because I felt that everything we did the same weekend last year, happened again. We went to a wedding on Saturday and church on Sunday and that coincidence struck me for some reason. I think it may be because those two things are the only things I remember doing before I went into labor.

I know that I’ll have a couple more “time frame” hurdles to jump, but it feels like this marker is my main “she’ll be fine” moment. Things are still moving in my belly and I’m just over halfway there- and I have felt more confident lately.

I start going in to the doctor once a week in September and I’ll be there 2+ hours for every appointment. If I have any doubts then I’ll definitely be able to know. So far everything looks good. (It was confirmed at my doctor’s appointment last week).

I mentioned that I’ve been in nursery mode this week. I got a BUNCH of clothes from a good friend of mine so I’ve been sorting and storing all week. I got some bins to put in my 3 month and older clothes and had some fun with my label maker. I found a great swing at a consignment sale and have really been working on getting things ready (you wouldn’t know I still have 3 months to go!). But I feel that these 3 months are going to go so fast I may not feel ready after all. Although this has been two years in the making so I pretty sure we’re ready!


One thought on “One year and normal

  1. Tara says:

    Oh Amy, I was just reading through some of the archived posts on your blog, and found those about sweet Lucy. My heart hurts so bad for you and what you went through . . .

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