Her name’s Elaine

No, not our baby! She’s still “Chalula” or “Rhonda” depending on where I’m at. Chalula is the family nickname, Rhonda is what my boss calls her at work.
Elaine, is our ultrasound tech who we got to see today. She’s a nice lady and has been doing ultrasounds for about 20 years or so. Since we tend to get a lot of ultrasounds we’ve had a chance to get to know her a little bit and learn more about ultrasounds as well. Today I found out that between her and the other tech they perform 35-50 ultrasounds a day. That’s pretty crazy!

Since we didn’t have a chance to get a good look at Chalula’s heart at our last ultrasound she spent a little time doing that today. Here are the stats:

Heart rate: 136 (down from 145 the last appointment)
Weight: 1 pound 8 oz. She has gained exactly 1 lb in six weeks
Percentile: 47%. Most people don’t worry about this, but if we get to have another ultrasound I’d like to know that she’s maintaining weight.

Chalula was pretty active today and spent a bunch of time sucking her thumb and arching her back. At one point Elaine stopped moving the wand because she thought the back arching was pretty funny. I guess she doesn’t see babies do that very often- I don’t remember Lucy doing it. Her heart looked great and she said that all the pieces were in the right place. And, good news, the placenta moved. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to know that today- they have to be careful since their techs aren’t doctors. She showed us where the placenta was last time and how it had moved back in place and said it’s there to stay. So everything looked good today- I have my appointment with my OB next week and I just hope that nothing further showed up. Elaine was pretty talkative and she tends to be so with things are good.

There’s my update. It was fun to see some good movement and knowing she’s growing well. I think overall she’s going to kick a lot more than Lucy did- I notice a difference already.

My aunt and uncle arrive today for a friend’s wedding so I better go get their room ready. Once I find my camera cord I’ll get some pictures up from my trip.


8 thoughts on “Her name’s Elaine

  1. Aj Schwanz says:

    Yay! Things are good! We’re still doing a happy dance over here. It was great to see you the other week: looking forward to seeing pictures!

  2. Baby Bender says:

    Yea! I knew she would be an active little booger because she has to keep up with Nola soon! She’ll show her the ropes and how to survive an Arbonne convention šŸ™‚

    Call me, I’m so glad you are home now! Missed you!

    Jenny and Nola Bea

  3. Timmay! says:

    We need to come up with a name. I don’t like the way Chalula looks when it is written.

    I do like the name Elaine though, we will have to put it on the list.

  4. Debby says:

    yeah! Glad things are good and your trip went well. Miss you. Hey can I stay with you for Pikes?(if I still get to do it)

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