Crafts Day 1: Bandanas!

So for the past couple of months I had been researching crafts for teenagers and have been dying because I couldn’t brainstorm them on my blog! I was trying to think of a good alibi if my mom saw them- but this was the main area that she was suspicious about. I had a craft class everyday and then I had a 2 hour freetime everyday. I had small craft projects for freetime that anybody could just come in and make without a lot of instruction. Then I added the leftovers from the class to freetime as well.

The first day I had bandana day and had bandana bags and bandana wreaths. It’s hard to know if 12-14 year olds will actually like to make things, but they all jumped into the bags and one kid the wreath so I was surprised about that. They all liked making them and other kids came back at freetime to make one for themselves (all the boys wanted to just have one to wear, but I made them wait until the last day!). Here is the picture of some of the girls with their bags:


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