Sunday Funnies

This morning two funny things happened that I wanted to share:

1) We live two blocks from the main headquarters for Christian Camping International. They are a resource for uniting camps around the US. My parents are pretty involved in their camp region and so whenever they’d come visit my mom would want to go see the office. I’d have to explain to her that it’s just a building and unlike some ministries in town it’s not really one that people go tour. But today as we were driving to church I saw a couple posing by the big sign out front and a friend taking a picture of them. They looked so excited to be there at that sign! I actually laughed out loud in the car and then called my mom to tell her. She laughed as well and said, “well at least I didn’t do that!” But mom, you know if I hadn’t ever discouraged you, you’d probably be getting your picture taken there as well!
Good times.

2) Today I wore this one pair of maternity shorts that I have. I’ve worn them a couple of times already but have been getting discouraged because they are still too big for me. Normally not a problem but I have to be careful that they don’t fall off! My hips are just wide enough for shorts to hang. At the end of church I was yet again pulling up a shorts and I felt a button on the side. I looked down and saw that like most elastic maternity clothes, these shorts are adjustable and I’ve been wearing them on the biggest “setting” this entire time! So I scooted into the bathroom, moved the flap one button back and TA DA! my shorts fit and they aren’t falling off! Hooray! And, I just prevented this being a story about how my shorts did fall off!!!! Double Hooray!


One thought on “Sunday Funnies

  1. chjensen2 says:

    Ya gotta love the maternity clothing juggle. They either are too big or too small…rarely are they a good fit. Pure bliss. 🙂

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