Red Rocks is awesome

So we went to the concert on Friday night and had quite an interesting time.

First we left a little later than we wanted to but still had two hours to get to the venue. We did fine until our switch of freeways and then traffic got horrible. We sat in the turn lane for a couple of miles and finally made it to the park- but weren’t sure which entry to go into. We picked the third- the farthest one away. We parked a little after the opening act started (we could here the music all over) and then proceeded to walk for about a half hour. And that was mostly up hill. We finally made it up the thousands of flights of stairs to our seats just in time for Ben Folds to start. He was in what I can only assume was his usual form. He’s pretty unconventional but watching him shows what an amazing piano player he is. Here is the picture I took with my camera phone to show the amazing view we had! It was worth it just for that.

Once it got dark the view became even prettier and we realized that the Downtown Denver skyline doesn’t stick out very much.

After Ben Folds finished some lady behind us made a comment about how she was upset that he didn’t play “Gravity” and then her friends realized she had thought they were watching John Mayer the entire time. Tim and I still don’t know how she sat through the entire set and didn’t realize he wasn’t John Mayer.

Mayer was really good. The sound was amazing since they have all the rocks to play off of and the back drop is actually a massive rock. Pretty neat to see actually. He doesn’t talk to the crowd as much as I like at concerts- I think it’s fun to see the artists personality through their chats. Overall it was a great concert and I’ll definitely be on the look out for more concerts I can go to there.


One thought on “Red Rocks is awesome

  1. Timmay! says:

    Yeah baby! We were rockin the suburbs!

    Although, I find it funny that you posted about this yesterday, and not, you know…

    Anyway. The picture turned out great!

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