Weekend update

– Three days until our ultrasound and I think our friends are more excited than we are. Not in a bad way, we’re looking forward to it too but I keep forgetting that it’s happening since it’s scheduled sooner than we had it last time. We are the couple that finds out what the gender is and calls the baby by their name- so it’s kind of like actually having the baby for all our friends. They were all calling our baby Lucy last time pretty early on- so I don’t think this time is different. We’ll see if I divulge the information to you readers or keep you in suspense. 🙂

– Tonight Tim and I are going to a John Mayer concert at Red Rocks in Denver. When I moved here 6 years ago (still can’t believe I’ve lived here that long) my friend Paul told me that if I didn’t do anything else- I needed to go to a concert there. Well we finally found one that we both wanted to go to and that we could afford. The best part is that Ben Folds is playing with John Mayer so Tim’s pretty excited. We don’t know if Ben Folds will sing- but hopefully we’ll get a mini- Ben concert as well! So far weather has been great today! I might be able to get a review up tomorrow.

– One of the couples in our Bible Study are moving away. We’ve been good friends with them pretty much since the week they moved here and are sad they are moving. This is the third couple that are close friends of ours to move in a year. It’s hard to realize how transitional this city is and that we have to make friends more often than we sometimes want to. I’m pretty much in denial right now.


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