"You have to blog that"

That’s what Tim said when he saw my before and after pictures of our storage closet. I’ve never fully utilized this closet because we’ve been trying to sell our house for so long, so I decided to really go through it instead of waiting until it sells. By the way, the way the market is going it looks like we’ll get a room rented before we ever sell!

So like I mentioned previously I’ve been on my cleaning spurt and I’ve been working on my desk. I have a little more to go, but I took the opportunity last night to clean the closet. I usually like to work with a movie on or something but I picked a movie I actually wanted to watch instead of listen to, so I had to switch to my classic cleaning favorite, You’ve got Mail (don’t know why, it’s been that way since junior or senior year of college). I didn’t finish last night but I was able to get it all straightened up today.

Here’s the before picture:

I wasn’t sure how much I’d get done so I started with the floor and worked my way from the left to right of the shelves. I learned the tip from the Organizing Junkie, just in case you can’t finish it, you are able to come back to it.

Turns out I had most of my “junk” in those two areas so I focused on sorting through the give away, keep and toss piles.
Anything that was keep I put back in right away so I could start to designate some areas. Because of the kinds of things I put in there I didn’t really need any storage containers- every is a pretty good size.

My craft room is still a mess right now because I need to get the give aways in the car and put everything else in the trash. Turns out I was storing five empty boxes on the shelves this whole time! I’m also excited that I have a better area for gift bags and wrapping paper now.

The first picture is the closet looking straight at it:

Isn’t that awesome!!!!! I even have room to put new things later!

Here is the side of the closet that you couldn’t see above. I like our game storage area and this always makes me realize how many games we actually have since I don’t like to open the door!

Too bad I’m late for entering it in Org Junkie’s cleaning challenge! It was fun and needed anyway so I guess that’s ok too.

I forgot to take the wine rack out, the bottles are empty and the rack was one of Tim’s old roommates so I don’t even know why we have it!


4 thoughts on “"You have to blog that"

  1. Org Junkie says:

    Wow, great job! Looks like you did a lot of purging. What an awesome storage space with great shelves.


  2. sherrynmacy says:

    My favorite thing to do is make order out of chaos while LISTENING to a favorite movie. I took a great deal of joy from reading this post. And I enjoyed looking back to see what I’d missed, especially enjoying the picture of Bev with her three girls. Life is good.

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