monthly update

Since I can’t join in Megan’s weight loss stats, I decided to track my OB stats after my appointments.

Appointment: Today, June 8th
Pregnancy length: 16 weeks
Baby heart rate: 143 (does that mean it’s a boy or a girl? old wives tales anyone?)
Weight change: 3 pound gain- my doctor is proud of my gain- last month I lost two pounds so technically I gained 5 but he doesn’t count that, good for him
Next appt: Ultrasound on June 18th (yes, we are finding out what we are having- if it’s a girl then I can go through the clothes and figure out how off season I am with summer/winter clothes and prep for that. If it’s a boy then we pretty much have to start all over except for some white onesies and hoodie sweatshirts)

Interesting note about subsequent pregnancies: I’m sure that other moms have experienced this with miscarriages and stillbirths and to some degree we all experience this with life in general. When something happen that really shakes our trust we try and make sure we don’t “jinx” it when the possibility comes again. I find that it’s hard to talk about November under the assumption that we are actually having this baby since we’ve been disappointed before. When we first found out people jumped right to the end of the pregnancy and talked about the stuff that surrounds having a child. I’m slowing starting to open up to plans about December but I’m still experiencing a pause before I can say it out loud. I know that it’ll get better later but I’m still amazed at how much I don’t really trust this whole process.


2 thoughts on “monthly update

  1. Megan says:

    I love you, Amy. Thanks for sharing that. I’m sure this is scary, but I’m proud of you for trusting right through it.

    Praying for a healthy baby, safe delivery, and a crying bundle in your arms soon afterwards and for all the time to come.

  2. martha says:

    i’ve been there. it’s true that you NEVER take the end result for granted again. i find that even with my grandchildren, i have been so relieved when they have arrived safely.
    in many ways, you are at an advantage. you are aware, in ways that many haven’t experienced, what a gift a live birth is. it isn’t something to take for granted.
    the fear is based on what? that God won’t be sufficient if the worst ever happens again? that you will never have a healthy child? that God really doesn’t want the best for you? this is the time to learn the basis of your fear b/c it relates to your relationship with Him in some way. Can God be trusted to manage this situation for your good? (that was what i stuggled with.) for you it might be something different, but it will help in dealing with the fear. in love, m

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