The lightening made me do it

After my great post about the wonderful weather it has rained and thundered all week!

This afternoon I was watching a movie because I was bored and couldn’t do yardwork because it was raining yet again. I was sitting on the couch and it started hailing. We’ve gotten used to out-of-nowhere hail storms in Colorado so I didn’t think anything about it. Then the lightening came. I think it hit our satellite because our receiver popped and then it died. Lightening killed our only way for the TV to turn on and the DirecTv to work. So we did what every American couple would do and went right out to buy a new one (we’ve needed one for a while now- so this was the final straw).
After a fun Cinco de Mayo dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant On the Border and a shopping trip to Best Buy, we are now home. As Tim was unloading the car he mentioned that he was glad he was in the living room when the lightening struck. Apparently he wouldn’t have believed me if he hadn’t seen it himself. As my co-workers say at Starbucks, “Whatev”!


2 thoughts on “The lightening made me do it

  1. Debby says:

    My mom is getting a new deck and I was helping here plan it the other day and she was trying to figure how much room she would need to have a nice table and all.

  2. Christi says:

    Well, it looks like Tim and Jared have one major thing in common…they love mashed potatoes! The deck looks great – nice furniture!!

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