Dogs do have friends

Our neighbors have a dog that doesn’t stay in his backyard and has become the neighborhood dog over the years. Most of the time you can see him laying in the front yard or taking a walk around the area. My in-laws live on the other side of us and their dog Levi is best friends with Sakic (the neighbor dog).

Any chance Levi had to be outside he’d be playing with Sakic- but I never thought that they actually were “friends” (really- do dogs have friends?).

But then a couple of weeks ago Levi got really sick (he was an old dog) and he had to be put down. We’re not sure if our dogs miss him- they seem to be looking for him when they come over but don’t seem affected. But not Sakic- the last two weeks he keeps going to the door and looking for Levi. Today he was scratching the window next to the door, poor guy, his buddy’s gone. So they really were friends, it’s true. And it’s sad because I almost feel more sorry for Sakic than we do for Tim’s family.

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