It’s April and snowing in CO

My lack of blogging definitely doesn’t mean I have lack of content for blogging (my blog in my head is WAY better than this one!).
Yesterday I finished a four week quilting class at Ruth’s Stitchery (mine and my mom’s favorite quilt store).

I meant to show each square every week but I forgot, so here’s my last month of quilting projects. Yesterday our teacher taught us all the steps to finish the table runner and now that’s all I have to do.

Week One:

This square is hand stitched. It’s the first time I really hand stitched something that wasn’t needlework. It was a fairly easy square- I don’t know if I’d do a whole quilt this way.

Week Two:
This week we learned applique. I also hadn’t done this, but I actually liked it. We didn’t learn how to machine applique- it was all done by hand. I still have to finish the flower- I went to this class the week the cold knocked me out.

Week Three:
Machine quilting! This was the quickest class. Even though I took the longest to cut (I made a quilt with my grandma in high school and was too careless in cutting and have been paranoid about it since) I was one of the first ones done. This is the kind of quilting I’ve done so it was good to learn some real techniques.

Week Four:
This week we learned to hand quilt which was my main motivation for taking the class. Here is the picture of my border and backing fabric with the three pieces. The applique piece will be the center square of the table runner.

This was a very fun and worthwhile class to take! I definitely got the bug and am glad that the store is far enough away from my house for me to not spend all our money there.

I picked this book up yesterday and am making the name garland for a friend’s baby shower. Monica– you’d LOVE the projects in this!

I have a week to finish the project so I should be posting updates soon!


3 thoughts on “It’s April and snowing in CO

  1. Joani says:

    Hi Amy –

    So fun to see your quilting projects! I keep telling Mark I need to get my sewing machine out and finish the two I’ve been working on! Maybe you’ve inspired me!

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Hi Amy!

    Wow – how fun! Looks like you learned a lot and had fun in the process. I have only ever done basic squares on a machine quilting. Like your denim quilt. It would be so neat to learn all those great things.

    You are right! That book looks SO neat – post a photo of the name sign so we can all se it! 🙂

  3. martha says:

    your quilting projects look like a lot of fun. reminds me how i’m missing my quilting group that i haven’t been able to sew with much this past few months. maybe soon. i have a few projects in the works, just need to finish them. you are braver than i in attacking hand quilting. i would NEVER finish those! don’t you love the new rulers and simpler cutting techniques? cutting is not my favorite thing so i like anything that speeds that process along and gives accuracy as well. martha

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