I’ll be missing you

Tim has to travel for job and is on his last stint with his current project. This time he’ll be gone for TWO WEEKS! So now I have to figure out what to do for a little bit.

Since Tim was leaving, on Friday night we decided to have a date night (our traditional march 3 in 1 birthday, anniversary, birthday celebration). This time we went a little more creative and used an idea from some date cards we have. On Thursday morning Tim hid 70 Hershey kisses around the house. Then I had to find as many as I could. The more I found the higher “level” restaurant we would go to (I had previously chosen my favorite low-priced, mid-priced, and high-priced restaurants). I found 61 of the 70 Kisses- it was easter egg hunts all over again. We decided that I can never hide anything from Tim because judging from where I was searching I’m way too crafty for him. Our date was at Mackenzie’s Chop House- a very nice steak restaurant downtown. We had a lot of fun and it was a good way to spend time together before Tim left.

If you are wondering about the fact that didn’t find 9 of the Kisses, Tim looked around and found 4 more (he couldn’t remember where he hid them all). I found one yesterday, and Tim found one more today so I still have 3 Kisses sitting somewhere in my house- just glad they can’t get rotten like Easter Eggs!


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