Look Ma, I cleaned!

There are two rooms in my house that if I clean them during Homespun Heart’s Spring Clean 2007, I’ll be a very happy person.

The first room is the laundry room. I still have some things to do in there to feel like new owners could want it (no house sold yet, I just like to pretend I’m optimistic), but those are bigger “projects” than can be done.

Here is the “Before” picture:That “pile” on the floor is two old towels that have been my soak-it-up mat for our over flowing drain. I always forget to call Roto-Rooter.

2 hrs later I have this for a laundry room:

Here’s what I did:

-Washed the curtains
-Washed the windows, inside and out
-Threw away the gross towels, all that stuff on the top shelf and a couple other things
-Mopped liked crazy
-Cleaned the window sill and the window runner
-Wiped down the washer and dryer
-Found a new home for my irons (in the cupboard)
-Wiped down the freezer
-Called Roto-Rooter to clean the drain

Projects I’m going to still get done in there (well, someone will do):

-Fill in the cracked cement
-Paint a new layer on the floor
-Fix a leaky pipe
-Clean out the freezer (definitely really old food in there)
-Next to the freezer there are carpet scraps, I’m going to get rid of those as well

Like I said, if I don’t get any other room cleaned, I’m going to be happy anyway because I cringed every time I walked past that room. Consider this my entry Monica!

Anyone else out there spring cleaning?


2 thoughts on “Look Ma, I cleaned!

  1. Nick Chapman says:

    When you look at the Before picture it looks like the window is that white fuzzy supposed to be not clear type. But then the After photo shows a clear detailed view of the stairs outside. Man that window was dirty. i can’t believe you can lived with such a dirt window the horror!

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