Did you check the time?

Have you ever gone somewhere (let’s say a wedding) and as you’re getting ready to walk in you start joking about what would happen if you got the time of the wedding wrong. Then, it all looks strange because no one is around and you start to think you are early. But as you open the door you realize you’re not early but late! Like, 20 minutes late! Yeah, that happened to us last night. We were 20 minutes late to a wedding!!!! Nowadays we would’ve come in at the very end of the ceremony, but we were fortunate to get a long wedding so we got there right as the vows started and saw all the important wedding stuff. Better yet the church floor was all cement so my heels couldn’t sneak in very well and we sat in the back of a very long sanctuary- by ourselves. Way obvious. But as big of a deal my husband thought it would be, only one of our friends even noticed and we went to the reception and had a good time!

Note to self- next time you’re invited to a wedding don’t look at the invitation a week prior and try to remember the time- write it down! get it in your husband’s pda! check the invitation that morning!


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