My life isn’t all TV, really…

My mom spent the week with me last week while Tim was out of town. With all the things I could post about our fun time, all I can think about is last night’s premiere of the Amazing Race: All Stars.

I AM SO EXCITED!! Not only is this my favorite show (followed by the Apprentice, Sunday nights are great), but they brought back 11 teams from previous seasons. All the fan favorites- Teri and Ian, Rob and Amber, Team Kentucky, the Beauty Queens, Uchenna and Joyce, and even Mirna and Schmirna! I love it! These are people who have already raced and most of the teams placed in the top 4 and REALLY want to win. I seriously can’t breathe the entire show, seriously.

Just when I thought they couldn’t make the Amazing Race any better, they did. Kudos CBS, kudos.


One thought on “My life isn’t all TV, really…

  1. April Decheine says:

    Oh my gosh, I finally found someone that likes my Sunday nights line up! I love the Amazing Race and want to go on it so bad. But if your selected you have to be able to drop everything for about 3 months.. 😦 Last night Mirna and Schmirna were so funny, jumping to the from of the line. Then comes the Apprentice, and then Brothers and Sisters if I am not to tired to watch. Mondays are hard to get up!

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