This just in, well, two weeks late

Yesterday I realized that this blog may be an avenue of news to some of my extended family members, so, my brother’s getting married! Yes Christi, it’s true. I was waiting until I had a picture of both of them, but I don’t- so I have a picture of their hands with her ring.

This ring is pretty special because it was my Grandma Ankeny’s ring. My mom got it after she passed away and asked Nick if he wanted it. He got it cleaned up at a jeweler, re-set the stone and now it’s being worn again. The ring is 64 years old, but my grandma stopped wearing it when my grandpa died, so I don’t remember every seeing it (she wore a ring with her kids birthstones when she took the first ring off).

Welcome to the family Lindsay! They’re getting married in May and my mom only has three months to find a dress!


One thought on “This just in, well, two weeks late

  1. christi says:

    Nice work on the update! Much appreciated! I actually finally got to IChat with Nick and heard the story, which was great! I’m super excited for them!

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