heading to denver

I’m going to the Denver Airport today to pick up my mom! Tim’s in Albuquerque again on business so my mom decided to use some of her vacation and come out to visit!

This is going to be a fun trip because in the past I’ve had to work most of the visit and we had to visits around what was going on a work so I could have more days off. Now I’m only working 11 hours- two of the shifts are early morning so it won’t even make a difference!

On the agenda: going to a movie, shopping at craft stores, fabric stores, and clothes stores, sewing, and who knows what else! Updates later!

3 thoughts on “heading to denver

  1. christi says:

    Yo Aunt Bev! Have a blast in Colorado…my mom was just at our house when Jared was out of town. It’s always fun to just get to spend time just mom!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, you two have a wonderful “girl” time! Those are great memory makers. Have fun looking for the “Mother of the Groom” dress.


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