What do I do with these??

I have a closet full of bridesmaids dresses, my mom’s closet is full of my old prom dresses (I think she actually just got rid of them- 10 years later…). As much as I think I may wear them again, I doubt that would ever happen. And why wear it again when a party gives you a reason to go shopping again!

Anyway, I found this charity in the Springs that takes donations of formal dresses to rent them to underprivledged youth for their proms! It’s called Children of Promise and you can find their website here.

They are just starting out their spring Prom season- so if you live in the area and need some extra room in your closet, check them out!


2 thoughts on “What do I do with these??

  1. Timmay! says:

    I think the answer is obvious here. Start up a company that specializes in resizing old dresses for dogs so that you can dress your precious little ones for a night on the town!

    Forget underprivildged young girls, pamper the dogs. That, you see, is what America is all about.

  2. Luke says:

    Why does Nick always have to be so cheap? Why can’t he buy his own ring like the rest of us. Kidding … Congratulations to Nick and Lindsay. Now I don’t feel so bad about giving them a hard time about not being in the cousins picture at Christmas.

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