Triple Venti, 2 pump Vanilla, Nonfat, No Whip, 3 pump Mocha Please!

No, that’s not my drink- but pretty possible for someone in line at a typical Starbucks!

I was just at my store getting a drink and saw a regular come in. He is working on learning our names and remembered my name but didn’t recognize me since I wasn’t working. On the way home I was thinking about all the new people I’ve met since October- and that most of those people are known by their drink and not their names (that one I’m working on). So here are all my new regular customer friends:

Venti Bold coffee, double cupped with room for cream. Don’t know his name, I do know he works at the mall- doesn’t say much.
Grande ToffeeNut, extra hot, light whip Latte. Her name is Janice.
– “Big John” or “Officer John” (he’s a cop). He gets a Iced Venti, light ice, no water Chai. He drives a big red hummer.
– Denver Car man. This guy is a finance director for a car dealer in Denver. He drives up every morning and stops at our store to get a tall mocha frappucino and a latte.
– Randy. He comes in the afternoons, gets a tall cup of black coffee and sits at a table for hours working on different projects.
– Girl from Family Christian Bookstores. I think her name is Jennifer, she always orders a drink made up by one of our baristas and I never remember what is is.
– Martha. She used to work at our store. She gets something with Soy that I can never remember but I do know it costs $4.24 because I always used to ring it up wrong.
– Elise. She’s a hairdresser across the street. She gets a Grande 2% Mocha with light whip and extra hot.
– Elise’s daughter. She’s a grande white mocha.
AKAL security man. Don’t even know his drink but he likes to talk a lot- especially at 5:30 AM when he’s our only customer. He adopted a meth baby from Seattle.
– Air Force man. He got a triple venti, 3 pump raspberry, 3 pump mocha last time, but doesn’t get the same thing every time. He always comes in with other Air Force guys that get tea or hot chocolate.
– Cranberry Orange scone baby. There is a little girl (maybe a year and a half???), whose mom brings her in all the time and the little girl loves Cranberry Orange Scones. Very cute.
– Lady from walmart. She gets a Venti Americano with room for cream. Haven’t seen her in a couple of days.
Britist Lady. Triple Venti extra hot latte. She was very excited today when I remembered her drink- says other stores never remember her drink so she likes coming here.
– Older man and his friends. There is a guy that comes in and gets a coffee in a “for here” mug. His friend gets tea. They sit for a while and talk- the tea guy always takes a “to go” cup with water for his tea bag when they leave. The coffee guy usually comes back again before 10 am.

So that’s my list of “who I know”. It’s actually longer than I thought. I recognize more even more faces than I remember drinks which means we have a lot of regular customers. It just goes to show that taking the time to know something as little as “your regular drink” goes a long way in bringing loyalty to a store! And it’s more fun to go where everybody knows your name… 😉

7 thoughts on “Triple Venti, 2 pump Vanilla, Nonfat, No Whip, 3 pump Mocha Please!

  1. christi says:

    Hey, your list of customers is funny!! I just got my first mocha frap since I’ve been in AZ today, and it was very refreshing!!! I love those things!! They even made the first one the wrong size and then made me another one so Jared got one too..for free!! I love the craft cases – very sweet!!!

  2. Josh says:


    Just FYI,

    In the winter I’m “Grande Nonfat Vanilla Capp.”

    In the summer I’m “Iced Grande Nonfat Caramel Macchiato” OR “Iced Grande Two Pump Mocha Chai.”

    And you thought I was Josh, right?

    Next time I’m in the Springs, I’ll totally get coffee from you, Amy. 🙂

  3. Mrs. Chappy says:

    I know who the white mocha decaf is!

    I have been getting the white chocolate americano with room for cream. Amazing! It’s cheaper and less calories.

  4. Lafe says:

    amy, nice work, regulars are one of my favorite things at starbucks. i remember when i transferred to NA it was hard at first because i had to start all over with faces, names and drinks.

    PS -denver car guy is mike, wal-mart lady is sarah, older man is michael…but you mentioned a few names i didn’t know either

  5. cameron says:

    I’m a fellow parnter of yours over on the west coast. I was researching Schultz for a paper in an english class of mine and came up upon this blog site while Procrastinating and thought it was awesome that you took time to do this. Regulars are what makes the company awesome!!! keep up the legendary service man!

  6. i don’t work at a starbucks, but i totally know what this would look like if listed all the regulars at my job.

    i’m a large house coffee, in a to-go cup.

    at my place… there’s:

    Double con panna to-go: name’s James and works in painting restoration at the museum across the street.

    Two medium coffees to-go: an indian guy and girl that come in every day and chats while i help them. the latest topic of choice is the fact that i shaved my beard. i can’t figure out thier relationship to eachother, however.

    Double soy latte for-here with a “works” granola with soymilk (sometimes a breakfast wrap): her name’s ashley and she’s a young teacher at CMU. kinda cute in a doofy way.

    Granola with whole milk and a house coffee for-here: i call her granola girl. i can’t tell what her age is, or what she does. she used to come in veeeery early in the morning and order this before the cook shows up. she sits at the bar and stares a lot. she’s nice enough, and doesn’t creep me out.

    House coffee for-here: this old guy who chomps cigars and is pretty well dressed. when it’s really cold out, he just holds out a handful of change and asks us to pick out the amount for his coffee. he’s nice, and loves the fact that i’ll see him walking down the street and have a cup ready for him as soon as he comes in. sometimes he pays after he’s finished.

    pair of medium japanese greens: this reeeeeeeeealy tall white guy and his sidekick who’s about half his height and apears to be east indian. niether talk much. the tall guy rides this mountain bike around.

    that’s just a handful… of the good ones… i could go onnnnn about the bad ones! but that’s not for here!

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