Marriage "Advice" Part Two

A while back I posted the first part of this marriage “advice” I got from my best friend’s third grade class.
Here’s part two:

“Advice of Marriage, Parenthood, and Life from a Third Graders Perspective” (cont)

-Always wear a watch (just in case)
-Be yourself
-Get a watchdog
-Always smile
-Most of all have fun
-Don’t go shopping too much
-Don’t get your kids in trouble
-Don’t fight
-Get rabbits
-Don’t drink
-Be nice to kids
-Buy lots of chocolate
-Bake 100 pizzas (* I don’t know that that’s all at once or over a period of time!)
-Work hard
-If you have kids cut the crusts off their sandwiches
-Make sure they have plenty of pizza
-Don’t let your son pierce his ears
-Be nice to your husband
-Let him do crazy things
-Be aware that your husband will say, “Fork over the remote!”
-Raise your child to have good manners
-Never let your husband leave the toilet seat up
-You and your husband should work (*the “and” was underlined here, did this kid have issues with his dad not working???)
-Never fight in front of a child
-Never get a divorce
-Get to work on time
-Follow the Ten Commandments
-Get a pet for a lonely child
-Follow God

To be Continued… 🙂


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