I love my car

Have I ever told you how much I like my Honda CRV? It’s pretty much the only car you need if you have to drive in the snow. I was scheduled to work today and didn’t get a call from my manager so Tim and I braved the drive and headed off to work. We made it- but not after noticing ten semi trucks and probably 50 cars stuck on the side of the road. As we pulled up to the store we couldn’t tell if it was open or not- and then we saw people inside and my manager ran out the store yelling “Why didn’t you call???” To which I responded, ” You should’ve called me if I wasn’t supposed to come in!” (Makes sense doesn’t it, manager calls people to tell them not to come into work…) So we got free drinks for driving all the way in and even got some pastries because they were going bad tonight anyway. And then we drove home.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. The snow is pretty dry so there are drifts everywhere! Note: we don’t have a hill in our front yard:

We also let Puddle out to run around in the snow- she had quite the time breaking through the drifts.

If you sent anything to someone in Colorado Springs, they aren’t going to get it yet- they’ve suspended mail for the second day. I couldn’t believe it, but they kept showing footage of mail trucks stuck in the snow, so I guess they are excused.

Merry Christmas!

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