Marriage "Advice" Part One

I’ve been working really hard at cleaning up my office and actually going through everything I have. Tonight I found this fun little thing in one of my boxes.

When I got married my best friend threw me a bridal shower. At the shower she read a list of advice that her third grade classroom had given to me. It’s pretty cute, so for the next couple of days I’m going to post portions of the booklet!

“Advice of Marriage, Parenthood, and Life from a Third Graders Perspective”

-Pray every day
-Be nice to Tim
-Learn to cook really good
-Clean the house every day
-Talk to your kids
-Tell them you love them
-Help with their homework
-Clean your kid’s rooms
-Make lots and lots of brownies
-Buy ice cream
-Give your kids allowance
-Bake cakes for your kids’ birthdays
-Do not smoke anywhere
-Do not make brussle sprouts
-Do not spoil your kids
-Send them to Portland Christian Elementary in Miss Collatt’s class
-Get pets
-Get a good job
-Get your kids lots and lots of toys
-You need to be faithful to your husband
-Try and spend as much time with your kids as possible

To be continued…


One thought on “Marriage "Advice" Part One

  1. Amy says:

    These are so sweet! What a great list. I particularly love, “make lots and lots of brownies.” I think my son would love for us to do that more often! So sweet!

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