Four Months

So today was a good day for me. Today is four months since Lucy’s birthday. The past three months on her birthday I couldn’t make it through the day without crying or something.

But today, I thought about her like I would any other day and was just fine. I don’t cry very often anymore so when I do it lasts for a long time. It was nice to not have that kind of breakdown.

Tim and I have noticed that this season has been harder than we realized it would be. I didn’t think it would feel different because we never knew otherwise. But I guess we had expectations we didn’t realize. I haven’t done much shopping because one, we don’t have much money to buy anything, and two, when I went to Target it was a big reminder that we weren’t buying kid presents this year and I didn’t last very long there.

Two of three friends have had their babies. We went to the hospital and didn’t have a hard time there. I find that I have a harder time with labor stories than I do with babies themselves. So this month of “due dates” wasn’t as difficult as I expected. Which is good- I’m glad I’m able to talk to my friends.

I been working on cleaning up my office this week- so I haven’t updated my blog with new pictures. I have quite a few to add. So that’s where I’ve been this week. Oh, if you know anyone who needs a place to live we have a room we are thinking about renting out.


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