Where did the week go?

I just looked at my blog and realized I haven’t blogged in a week! I don’t know where the week went…

Last Thursday night we bought a new couch and cuddler chair. Saturday I worked at a health fair in a booth for my home business, our friends came in town and while the boys played Halo, the girls went and saw Stranger Than Fiction (great movie!). Sunday we had the couches delivered so we stayed home and I sewed a wall quilt for my friend who’s having a baby (my camera needs to be recharged so I have to post the pictures later). My friends are coming to visit this weekend (YEAH!!!) so I worked all week instead of my normal weekend shifts. So I guess I’ve been moderately busy.

But, I’m so excited for Joani, Leslie and Janelle to be here! So far we are going to tea at Glen Eyrie, and maybe bake a pecan pie to practice for Thanksgiving 🙂

On Thanksgiving news, I bought my turkey last night and makings for pumpkin pie (which I found out today that Pumpkin is zero points!). Once we figure out who’s coming over then we’ll get the rest of the menu.

I’m doing good, starting to get restless about a bunch of things but I’m still figuring that all out. And, I lost two pounds this week! I’m half a pound away from reducing my daily point intake!


2 thoughts on “Where did the week go?

  1. Joani says:

    Oh yeah, I fogot about the weight watchers. Maybe we should go for pumpkin pie this weekend!! Can’t wait to see you in the morning (Janelle and I are heading to PDX tonight!)

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