Feeling Crafty

Now that I’m home more since I only work 20 hours a week I’ve decided that I need to get into some hobbies more so I don’t just keep watching TV.

I do like crafty things, I have my hand in a couple of different kinds. Occasionally I knit (usually just scarves- it’s much easier to knit in a row and column), I do cross stitch, I dabble in art, I just got my grandma’s sewing machine so I’m trying my hand at quilts, and then I scrapbook.

I don’t have a ton of pictures of Tim and I, so I don’t have a scrapbook done yet at all. But I’ve decided to put some effort into scrapbooking for a while. Yesterday I went to my friend’s Creative Memories open house and got a small book so that I can make a “Puddle and Petey” scrapbook. For those of you who don’t know- Puddle is our puppy (she just turned 2!) and Petey is my old family dog. This book is mostly going to be Puddle since our pictures of Petey are because Puddle is in the picture or I don’t want to leave Petey out (isn’t it crazy that we think he actually cares!). This should be a fun project since Puddle has such a great personality and it comes out in her pictures. I’ll post pictures of the pages as I do them.

I also had two pages started of Lucy’s scrapbook- the cover and her first ultrasound pictures. I wasn’t going to put any of the other ultrasound pictures (7 ultrasounds worth) in the scrapbook, but now I think I’m going to finish it with my baby shower pictures, belly pictures, and her ultrasounds. I guess I don’t want our kids to feel that they can never talk about her or anything. From surfing the internet I’ve found that a lot of families make special scrapbooks.

So that’s my first crafty endeavor- hopefully I can get it started before January, but it may become my 2007 project!


One thought on “Feeling Crafty

  1. Mrs. Chappy says:

    I was wondering what you would do with the scrapbook. I’m glad you are going to finish it. That will be a healthy process for you, and I think you will be thankful to have those baby shower and other pics all together in one special place.

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