Customer Story #493272958

Ok, so I just typed in the number up there so it’d be more impressive than story #1…

I was working the bar my whole shift today. It was a real slow day so I was more than capable of keeping up. (Thought: I was certified today as an official barista, one of my areas of improvement is better interaction with the customers). Since it was slow, I tried to talked to the customers while they were waiting for their drinks, you know, work on the whole interaction thing. My “creative” opening line is “How is your morning/afternoon?”. This actually gets people talking more than just answering “fine” (like I would).
A police officer came in and ordered a latte. He then waited by leaning on the counter watching me so I pretty much had to say something. He let me know that he was beginning his shift (people like to tell me why they are getting the coffee- you don’t need to justify it to me!) and for the next 4-5 hours he was going to be guarding an arrested man at a hospital. If jailed or recently arrested people are too sick for whatever doctor normally treats them in jail, they have to go to the regular hospital (makes sense). So cops have to go and sit outside the hospital room and make sure they don’t escape. He said usually people are too sick to escape, but some may try. When he’s on duty he reads magazines and tries to stay awake. So if you’re in a hospital and see a cop outside a door- there’s probably a bad guy inside.


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