I’m glad my dad made us clean the garage

When my parents were here in August my dad decided it was time we cleaned out the garage. We’ve cleaned it a couple times since moving in, but have never parked the cars in the garage. We ended up with two car loads of Goodwill items, a sidewalk full of trash, and this weekend we are putting the rest in the dumpsters our HOA gets every year.
When we finished cleaning we parked my car in the garage- which I thought would never happen. Now that winter is coming (it snowed 4-6 inches last night!) I’m finally getting the full benefit of parking in the garage. No window scraping and freezing until my car has fully defrosted! I’m so excited to be able to just drive away. Yeah!

Last night at about 4 in the morning I woke up with my dog Petey sitting right next to my head. The last time he did that was three years ago in a really bad thunderstorm at camp. I tried to keep sleeping as Petey started to curl up next to my head! I had my other dog Puddle laying next to my stomach on my right side, and Petey on my left. I don’t know why these dogs have to sleep practically on top of me! Tim and couldn’t get back to sleep because the battery was out on the smoke alarm outside our door and it kept beeping. We think maybe that noise was bothering Petey (don’t know why he had to wake us up for that!). Thankfully I got back to sleep. 🙂


Since Tim doesn’t start work until Monday we’ve been home together every morning. And in this time I’ve introduced him to the Price is Right. It’s been fun since my family has watched as long as I can remember. I thought everyone knew how this show works. But for Tim it’s a whole new world of game show fun.


2 thoughts on “I’m glad my dad made us clean the garage

  1. Old Chappie says:

    Watch out what you get your husband introduced to!!! I do watch Price is Right, but I won’t sit through the One Life to Live shows (though I do know what is going on). When you have to DVR them for him it has gone to far.

    As you can see I signed up so that I can log on rather than being just nameless. Have a good few mornings before Tim goes back to work.

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