Learning the coffee bar

Yesterday I had to work the bar making drinks (coffee bar that is) because all the registers were taken.
I’m working away, trying to keep up and I had to make two breve lattes. Breve just means that you use half and half instead of whole milk. So I made them and went on my way. About an hour later I was cleaning around the bar and I was putting away a carton of half and half when I realized I might have used heavy whipping cream instead of half and half for the lattes. But, the ladies didn’t seem to notice because they didn’t bring them back and they were gone already. Whoops.

I was working on something, thinking to myself that nobody has returned a drink I made yet, so I must be doing ok. I thought too soon.

I turned around and a girl returned her dry cappucino because I didn’t make it dry enough. Explanation: a dry cappucino has more foam than milk, a cappucino is equal parts milk and foam and a wet cappucino is more milk than foam. Seems easy enough.
So I had to make another dry cappucino, which she liked. Mark one for my tally of returned drinks!


2 thoughts on “Learning the coffee bar

  1. Mrs. Chappy says:

    I like your stories about making drinks, I’m learning more about coffeed. I just learned how to use our Espresso machine finally. Michael’s been making them since we got it, and I finally decided I should learn so I could make them too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only one drink returned so far? You rock! Good luck at work this week are you working the bar again?

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