The story of the Teddy Bear

First of all, my husband got a new job today! An answer to prayer and he was only out of a job for a week (which is good considering it’s hard to get a foot in the door around here).

On to my story from Saturday of the women’s retreat.

Every year the women have a silent and oral auction as a fundraiser and all the women bring new or handcrafted items to donate. I hadn’t really planned on getting anything and didn’t want to spend to much money while I was out there (due to Tim not having a job- wouldn’t make much sense to spend all our money!). So I didn’t really look at too many of the items. Then out came these cute lopsided hand-knitted felted wool teddy bears that were just the cutest things! I didn’t really think I had a reason to buy the bear, so I didn’t bid on it.
Whatever items don’t get sold in the silent auction get moved to the oral auction. So I thought I’d wait and see if I really wanted to get it at the oral auction. I was sitting with my mom and all her friends, having a good time heckling the bidders and the bear came up for bidding.
All of the sudden I felt this urge that God wanted me to get this bear- something I hadn’t purchased yet for Lucy. And then my friends decided that they were going to pitch in and buy the bear for me. I didn’t even say any reason why I wanted to have this bear. It was like they all knew who this bear was really for.
We won the bidding and they gave me the bear. I was reminded of my friend who also had a stillbirth and found a “World’s Best Mom” t-shirt after it happened and her husband bought it for her. This was my t-shirt, my reminder that I did have a baby. Here’s a picture of the bear, I love that one leg and one arm are shorter than the others:
So thank you Mom, Mary, Paula, Aunt Devonne, Audra, Melissa and Leann for understanding!

I also wanted to include pictures of the nursery, here is the view from the door:

And then there’s the view from the other corner. My dad refinished my $5 garage sale dresser find!
The doll house is a toy box my grandpa made me for my first birthday (or Christmas, I’m not sure).
And finally the close up of the wallpaper:


4 thoughts on “The story of the Teddy Bear

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the job Tim! Amy, I love the teddy bear – so perfect for sweet Lucy. I can tell what a good mother you are. You still have a baby, even if you can’t hold her in your arms, and you are a wonderful mother. I love the nursery as well. You guys did a great job on it. That doll house/toy box is awesome and I love the hanging lanterns above the rocker. Beautiful . . .

  2. Mrs. Chappy says:

    I didn’t know why, but all of a sudden everyone just knew you had to have the bear. Now I know why. Thanks for sharing. It’s such a cute bear!!

  3. thehomespunheart says:

    Amy, Thanks for sharing these thoughts and the great photos! I love the bear – what a sweet story going along with it! You did a great job on the nursery – I love the hanging lanterns over the rocker! Continuing to pray for you, my friend. Monica

  4. Paula says:

    Amy, it was so good to see you and to hug you in person. And now we know why buying the bear was so important to all of us!

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